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How I Got Into Show Business, Part 1

Hey there, folks. Well, it’s another week of my blog and I am so happy you are all here. Don’t forget, you can subscribe on my website to be notified of all these articles, upcoming events and more. Let’s dig in to part one-my background and inspiration.

It started from inspiration with my family. My great grandmother, known as Judy Allen, performed with the Rockettes many moons ago. nHer son, my great uncle, became a self taught magician and circus clown performer. As a kid he taught me many tricks and I still have many of his items in a memory box today.

My grandfather is the one person that inspired me the most. He played in a band as a teenager despite never having a lesson. He can listen to a song, pick up the guitar, and play it with no problem. He bought me my first guitar around 7 years old and he helped me learn just a few chords. It was that with just those four cords, I could play almost any song I wanted to.

After school musicals and community theater, my love for music continued to grow. I had always been a fan of the oldies thanks to my grandfather and I started to focus on that genre. My family always had music on and that meant American Songbook, Doo Wop, Rock N’ Roll and even Disco. I’m not a fan of a majority of the music from today. As time went on, people lost sight of what music actually is. I enjoy the music from the past because you can clearly hear and understand the lyrics, there’s no vulgarity, and each song tells a story of its own. The music is light and easy, even if it’s a large orchestration or a big band tune. People today are more interested in the beat and the sound of the song instead of the lyrics and the story the song tells. For me, the music brings me back to my childhood.

Today, I am happy to keep this music alive. The best part of performing is being on stage in front of a crowd and knowing I am making them happy. My supporters and social media followers come from all over the country. Even though we get to connect online, there’s nothing better than meeting in person. I love hearing stories of how my performances bring back memories of good and bad times or how my recordings get them through tough times. I would not be anywhere without my fans, even though that sounds cliché.

So now that you know all of that…what’s next? Well there’s big things coming folks...but you'll have to wait for part two for the announcements!

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride, thanks for being here with me.

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