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Tommy’s commitment to his love of music and performing began as a young boy in Hoboken, New Jersey, none other than the birthplace of Sinatra.


The product of a family of entertainers and musicians, Tommy C has loved his craft and developed a diversity in singing styles with which he pays homage to some of our greatest music legends.

Influencing him along the way were his grandmother, Judy Allen (a former Rockette), his mother and her love of Doowop and 50’s and 60’s music, his father and his ‘hard core Italian’ love of the iconic Pop crooners, and his uncle’s wonderfully robust career as a traveling carnival clown.

Especially supportive throughout the years was Tommy’s grandfather, Paris, who nurtured him and introduced Tommy to a man who would become his mentor and manager, Joe Montello, known as ‘Joey M’.

The chemistry of Tommy C’s musical appetite and Joey M’s experience in recording and entertainment operations created the perfect bond that has shot gunned Tommy’s career. His killer voice is heard on radio: WOGL 98.1 (Bob Pantano), KOOL 98.3 (Jerry Blavat), Cruisin’ 92.1 FM

(Patti Latanza and Billy Carlucci) and on SPOTIFY, Youtube and APPLE MUSIC.

Considered by the media to be “The Voice Of Tribute”, Tommy C has recorded, co-produced and released his music which is a mix of classic and original material with exciting, fresh arrangements. He is described by his peers as "Tom Jones, Frankie Valli, Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley and Bobby Rydell all rolled into one"!


No wonder! First made famous by the late Bobby Rydell, Tommy C and Bobby recorded a stunningly exotic video and streaming release of the hit song, “SWAY” that blows the roof off! Tommy C is still humbled that Bobby Rydell, one of the most beloved entertainers and consummate
vocal performers in the entertainment business, recorded “SWAY” with him, only months before his passing.


As America’s newest Pop-Rock singing star, Tommy C showcases his artistic talent in delivering a song, creating a personal vibe. His release of The Four Season’s hits BEGGIN’ (featuring Peggy Santiglia of The Angels) and SHERRY are impressive examples of his bringing new life to great songs.


Just listen and let his incredible falsetto on SHERRY and on Lou Christie’s LIGHTNING STRIKES take you on a NEW musical journey!


As The Voice Of Tribute, Tommy C is one of New Jersey’s most sought out entertainers. His fans follow his appearances from the massive Wildwood Concerts to the Atlantic City Showrooms and beyond to other top venues in the country.

So, THAT’S Tommy C, The Voice Of Tribute. Grab that chair. Take the first row. Get the party started and you can relive memories or make NEW ones!

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