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The Voice of tribute

Singing yesterday's music for today's ears, Tommy Coniglio is a young and talented performer bringing back the greatest hits. 

Fans say Tommy Cono's voice takes them back decades in time as he swoons audiences to the tunes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Frankie Valli, Elvis Presley, Len Barry, Del Shannon,  Louis Prima and more.

At just 27 years old, Tommy Cono truly is The Voice of Tribute and is a performer to watch.

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Beauty School Dropout

in 1978, Frankie Avalon recorded "Beauty School Dropout" as the Teen Angel in Grease. 45 years later, I was able to rerecord the song with him, only with a Tommy Cono twist!

"Tommy, the last time I was in a recording studio was 45 years ago when I first recorded this song!"- Frankie Avalon

The song will officially be released on May 18th, 2024 on all streaming and downloadable platforms!


Beauty School DropoutTommy Cono & Frankie Avalon
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Rydell Foundation


I am happy to announce that I am the official spokesperson for the Bobby Rydell Foundation. I was a big fan of Bobby when I was young and I had the honor of recording two songs with him before his passing.

Through the Foundation, I will be able to further the mission of keeping Bobby's music, and the music of the past, alive and rockin'. Our first initiative for the Foundation is to build a statue to forever memorialize this icon and place it in Wildwood, NJ

More information on this project can be found on our website, here

Looking to support the cause? Purchase limited edition "Sway" merchandise featuring Bobby's official autograph.

Fan Club


Be the first to know about shows, get first access to merchandise and tickets*, be included in an exclusive online forum, see behind the scenes show footage*


•Get one customized birthday message each year from Tommy

•Join a monthly video chat with Tommy and other subscribers*

*Platinum subscription only

Blog Posts

Tommy Cono and Frankie Avalon In The Recording Studio

I Recorded With Frankie Avalon!


The Boboby Rydell Foundation Board Members Meeting With Sculpture Artist, Zenos Frudakis

Rydell Foundation Reaches First Donation Goal


Bobby Rydell's Last Posed Photograph

Introducing...the Bobby Rydell Foundation


Tommy Cono at age 7

How I Got

Into Show Business, Part 1


"Sway" Album Cover with Bobby Rydell (feat. Tommy Cono)

My Days


Bobby Rydell




I've been performing since I was a kid and it is something that always has brought me joy. I love being on stage knowing that my performance is bringing back memories of the good old days for the audience.

I have had the honor of performing alongside stars The Duprees, The Skyliners, The Tymes, Tony Orlando and more.


In 2022 I had the great experience of recording with Bobby Rydell, a memory I will never forget. 

My fans are the best part of my career. I appreciate each and every one of you! I strive to be better because of my fans. You can learn more about my journey on my blog that is released weekly, or hop on over to my About page for more info. 

Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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In The Studio

in the studio

When Tommy Cono isn't on stage or practicing his craft, he's in the studio. 

Not long after ringing in the new year of 2024, Tommy will be releasing a recording with Frankie Avalon!

His albums include Yesterday Once More, Our Way ( a Collaboration with Joey M), Christmas Time is Here, and multiple singles with Bobby Rydell, Peggy Farina, & Frankie Avalon.

Albums are available for purchase through physical CD for shipping or pickup

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online store

Commemorative Sway Rocks Glass
Commemorative Sway Rocks Glass
Commemorative Sway T-Shirt
Commemorative Sway T-Shirt
Yesterday Once More Album Cover

Limited Edition Whiskey Rocks Glass for SWAY with Bobby Rydell Printed Autograph. Benefits Rydell Statue

Limited Edition Tee Shirt and Long Sleeve for SWAY with Bobby Rydell Printed Autograph, Benefits Rydell Statue

Yesterday Once More Physical CD

Tommy Cono Christmas Album Cover

Christmas Time Is Here Physical CD


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